How to Make A Paper Airplane

How to Make A Paper Airplane

A simple paper airplane is a classic toy that will provide great fun for adults and children alike. Once you have mastered the art of its construction, you can get more ambitious and decorate your paper before you fold it. 

1. Start with a sheet of paper 8-1/2 by 11 inches in size. 

2. Make a vertical fold down the center of the paper, bringing the left-hand long edge to meet the right-hand edge. 

3. Crease the fold carefully and open up the paper again. 

4. Turn the paper over and repeat steps 2 and 3. Now you should have a strong crease down the middle of the sheet. 

5. Bring the top left-hand corner of the sheet over to meet the centerfold. Make a crease.

6. Repeat step 5 with the right-hand corner.

7. The sheet should now form a triangle at the top. 

8. Fold the triangle down so that its point meets the centerfold, making sure the vertical fold you create is at the point where the folds made in steps 5 and 6 end. 

9. You should be left with a sheet with a rectangular shape as the triangle is now inverted, its point facing downward. 

10. Keeping the triangle on the top of the paper, make a vertical fold, bringing the left- and right-hand edges together at the back of the sheet, along the centerfold. 

11. Cut a neat L-shaped corner out of the outside edge of the folded ends.

12. Open the paper again, with the folded triangle at the top and front.

13. Repeat steps 5 and 6. 

14. The tip of the downward facing triangle is just visible beneath the notched-out ends of the new upper triangle. Fold the tip back over the notched ends so that it holds these folds in place. 

15. Repeat step 10 so that the sheet is once again folded along the center-fold, its triangular sections on top. 

16. Turn the sheet ninety degrees, so that the pointed tip is on the right. 

17. Fold down the square corner on the left-hand side to make a wing. Be sure to start the fold exactly midway between the sides of the pointed tip, folding the side panel in half. 

18. Turn the sheet over and fold down the remaining square corner to make the other wing. 

19. Your paper airplane is now ready for take-off!

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