How to Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse

Drawing a realistic horse need not be a difficult task.

Creating A Template

1. Begin by outlining a basic template of the shape of a horse in pencil. Roughly sketch a square that will give you the height and breadth of the back and body. 

2. At the top two corners of this square, add two ovals. The oval on the right-hand side should be sloped so that the bottom of it leans out to the right, while the top leans out to the left. 

3. Next, draw the neck and head. Draw an elongated triangle with its base sloping across the left-hand oval, and its point up and out to the far left of the square. 

4. Add a circle, nestling under the tip of the triangle for the horse's cheek. 

5. A small square, with its top right-hand corner pointing to the southwest point of the circle's edge, will give you the basic shape fa the muzzle at the end of the head. 

6. The legs can be outlined with two straight lines for the front legs, which should show a gentle incline backward, and two slightly bent lines for the hind legs. This slope gently back to the hip, then vertically downward from the knee. 

7. The two joints on each leg should be sketched in small circles for the hips and knees. Add small triangular hooves at the end of two forward-sloping short lines. 

Fleshing It Out

1. Begin with the head, linking the square nose to the cheek and adding triangles for ears that point forward. 

2. The neck is currently made from straight sloping lines. These need to be arched out on the top. Add a small curve that connects the head and neck underneath. 

3. Next, work on the body, linking the top and bottom of the ovals. Both lines should curve in toward the body slightly. 

4. Finally draw the legs, adding lines outside the stick legs. Use a triangle with the pointed end facing downward as the thigh on the hind leg.

Bringing It To Life

1. Add small details: the eye, mouth, nostril, mane, and tail. 

2. Work on the outline, making it run smoothly. Complete the hooves, cutting the back point of the triangle off with a straight line and making the line that outlines the hind-hip curve into the body of the horse slightly. 

3. Clean up the sketch by erasing your template.

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